I Dream of Cupcake

I haven’t been in D.C. since the first week of June. Up until then, I temporarily called it home, as it was where I attended college for four years. I was ready to get out by the time I graduated, but I will let you in on a little secret: each day I feel myself missing it just a teensy bit more. I miss my friends and the way the city is so pedestrian-friendly. I do not miss the price of living or the constant WMATA repairs and inconveniences. Of course, some of the things I miss the most are related to food. Jumbo Slice for the biggest, best slice of pizza one could ever imagine. Open City for casual, yet hearty brunches and coffee complete with animal crackers on the side. Most of all, I miss Baked & Wired–the outspoken yet laid back bakery and coffee shop perched just up the hill from the Georgetown Waterfront. I was lucky enough to work within walking distance from B&W, which, on the weekends, would have lines of locals and tourists alike snaking out the door and up Thomas Jefferson St.

An Americano because why not get wired and patriotic?

An Americano because why not get wired and patriotic?

Upon entering, there are two options: right for coffee, left for baked goods. My plan of attack is always wired first, baked second. I’m a rebel. This way, I can prepare my coffee sans bag of precious cakecups, bars or cookies that needs to be carefully watched. Once I’ve got my drink in hand, I turn the corner and get in the baked line to choose which sugary treat I will take home; though, rarely do I make it even a few steps up Wisconsin Avenue before devouring everything.

The reason I sometimes wake up drooling.

The reason I sometimes wake up drooling.

I haven’t had one item from Baked & Wired that didn’t lead to me repeating “ohmygodthisissogood” a million times. The most memorable cakecup (yes, they refer to cupcakes as ‘cakecups’) I’ve ever had the pleasure of consuming, however, is the lemon blueberry with lemon cream cheese frosting. There’s something otherworldly about the perfect combination between fluffy cake and rich, smooth frosting. Bite after bite is pure bliss. I dream about this cupcake (okay, ‘cakecup’) not infrequently. I miss D.C. a little, but I miss Baked & Wired a whole lot. The next time I visit, there’s no question where my first and last stops will be.

I’ve yet to find anywhere that even remotely compares to Baked & Wired in Atlanta, so if any of y’all have suggestions, hit a girl up. Until then, I’ll have to settle for baking my own version of the LBC w/ LCCF.

Homemade version of the LBC w/ LCCF Until B&W opens a location in Atlanta...

Homemade version of the LBC w/ LCCF Until B&W opens a location in Atlanta…


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